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  • thealphacooperative

    TAC provides a platform for growth by institutionalizing a firm's infrastructure, diminishing conflicts of interest by bifurcating investment and business administration and allows managers to maintain their unique focus on producing alpha.

  • Spicer Jeffries LLP

    Spicer Jeffries LLP provides professional services to over 400 hedge and commodity funds. These funds range in size from under $1 million to over $3 billion in net assets and are located throughout the United States and various offshore jurisdictions

  • Risk-AI

    Risk-AI proudly presents Transparency Analytics® - the online state-of-the-art risk management analysis and research platform for Investment Advisors, Fund of Funds, Family Offices and other Investors managing multi fund portfolios.

  • Maples Fund Services

    Maples Fund Services is an independent global investment fund services provider focused on enhancing its clients’ investment processes and forging lasting relationships.

  • eSentire

    Reinventing Security from the Inside-Out We see what others miss because we focus from the inside-out, detecting and blocking behaviors indicative of advanced cyber threats - all in real-time

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